Wednesday, September 28, 2005

2006 Royals

I was looking through the Royals 2006 tentative schedule and I noticed couple of peculiar things.

First of all, the Royals will play in several 2 game series next year. They open at home with a 2 game series against Detroit. They start May with a 2 game series at Detroit, and then another 2 game series at Minnesota.

In September, they will play another 2 game series at Cleveland, and later that month, host the Angels for 2 games.

I also noticed that the Royals will be going to Yankee Stadium twice next year early in the season and the Yankees will come to KC for a three game series in September.

So, as is the tradition when football schedules are released, I’ve gone through the schedule and predicted either a win or loss for each game. With that, I’m predicting that the Royals’ record in 2006 will be 128 – 34. Go Royals!


Dan Agonistes said...

What did you think of Howell's performance the other night?

He could be a big part of those 128 wins!

Anonymous said...

Howell was awesome. He's shown flashes, so now we just need to see some consistency.

Lima looked good last night too. He was able to inch his ERA down below 7.00, so I'm sure the Royals are excited about signing him for next season.