Friday, December 10, 2004

The Steroid Mess

Baseball is facing a scandal that some have compared to 1918 World Series scandal. While I don't think this situation is quite as severe as throwing a World Series for gamblers, I do think the face of baseball will change.

Dan Fox has done some interesting research career trajectories of ball players, and especially Bonds' career trajectory.

I believe it is pretty obvious that Bonds has been using some kind of performance enhancing supplement. His abnormal post-age-35 performance and his obvious body changes point to it. And if he really thinks we will believe him when he says he didn't know what the substance was, then I agree with Joe Posnanski - he must think we are "Fatty Heads."

Baseball blew its chance in 1993 to propel the game into the greatest American sport. Then, attendance as well as interest in the game was still strong. But instead, the owners and players chose the path that led to the strike, hurting the game so much that it has not fully recovered 10 years later.

This year, baseball has an opportunity right another long standing wrong. If baseball can come to an agreement on strong drug testing, it can help to heal one of those wounds inflicted in 1994. This is Bud Selig's chance to define his legacy.

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