Monday, December 20, 2004

Royals Moves

The Royals finally made a few quiet moves last week. Rob & Rany discuss them in their latest post.

I'm not sure how Eli Marrero will turn out, but I think it's obvious that the Royals hare having a more difficult time finding a corner outfielder that they expected. Marrero had his best season last year, his first without spending any time as a catcher. If he continues that performance, he could be a decent platoon with Stairs or Long.

The Royals also were able to dump Benito Santiago. This trade, like the Darrell May trade, amazed me in that Allard Baird was able to find someone willing to take the player. I have no idea why the Pirates would want any part of Santiago - a 40 year old catcher caught up in the middle of the BALCO scandal. But, kudos for Baird for getting something for him.

What he got was B level prospect Leo Nunez. Nunez is another skinny pitcher (like Denny Bautista) who has electric stuff.

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