Thursday, October 02, 2003

I recently decided that I do not want to tear apart my existing home theater system for the basement theater. Because of that, I will be purchasing a new receiver for the basement theater. The model I've decided on is the NAD T752. This receiver's stats are not as mind-blowing as other models out there, but just like my projector choice, I'm not looking at raw stats to decide. I'm trying the models out and purchasing the one that gives me what I need for the price I desire. The projector I bought (the Plus Piano Avanti) is not very popular among the so-called experts. These folks talk about how it's brightness is only 450 Lumens, or the contrast ratio is to low. Well, I've seen the projector next to a much more expensive projector with fat stats. I didn't see much of a difference. For my money, I'll take the $3,000 project that does all I need over the $6,000 projector that does all I need.

At any rate, the NAD receiver produces a nice sound and is plenty powerful for my room. I'm looking forward to getting it hooked up to my Wharfedales.

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