Monday, October 06, 2003

Bunch 'o Long Hairs
Last week, I had decided that I would blog about the Boston Red Sox. Of course, this blog no longer applies, but I'm going to blog on it anyway.

The Boston Red Sox look like a bunch of losers. I've never seen one collection of guys who, almost to a man, look so sloppy. Every one of them has long hair and some kind of facial hair. Why is that? Why would one team have so many players who look like slobs.

Being a Royals fan, I have always been partial to Johnny Damon. I think Johnny's an above-average player with good speed and enough patience to be a good lead off hitter. Since he decided to grow his hair out, I no longer like him. He looks like he should be living in the woods scaring campers. And the rest of the team looks like a bunch of hairy losers.

Of course, just as I was going to write this, several players decided to change their luck by getting haircuts. Think about it - with long hair, they were down 2 games to none. Since they've cut their hair, they've won two straight and go for the series victory tonight. I guess there is something to be said for presenting a good appearance.

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