Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface

Check out Microsoft Surface. At first you may wonder what the purpose is. A table top computer? Why?

But think about the possiblities. For example, a demo at the end of this video shows an interesting example of this technology in a retail setting.

Another cool idea: You and a friend have lunch, and wish to split the bill. You each lay your credit card on the table, and it automatically recognizes who you are and then displays pictures of each item you ordered. You and your friend can each drag your food items to your credit card, making splitting the bill easy. You then drag a slider over for the tip and touch the "pay" button.

How about this: You lay your Zune on the table. You then scroll through your music library using your finger, and you drag the songs you like over to the Zune and the music is synced to the Zune.

Then, you lay your digital camera on the table, and the table shows you the photos on the camera. You drag a few of them over to your Zune so you can show them to your friends.

It's all done with your finger and with no cables to attach. Very cool.

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