Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A lot has been made recently of the Royals’ decision to revoke the press credentials of two radio reporters.

This all started last Thursday when the Royals held a press conference to introduce their new general manager, Dayton Moore. Royals owner David Glass opened the press conference by saying a few words about a renewed dedication to making the Royals better, and stating that he felt they had found the best man available to lead the organization.

610 KCSP reporter Rhonda Moss opened the questioning by asking David Glass why he left Allard Baird “twisting in the wind” when he could have gone the interim GM route. Mr. Glass responding by stating that he didn’t know from the beginning that he would be hiring a new GM. Mr. Glass explained that they explored many avenues, including trades and acquisitions to improve the players on the field. It wasn’t until later that Mr. Glass decided that Allard Baird’s results weren’t up to his expectations.

Ms. Moss and 810 reporter Bob Fescoe continue asked Glass about the firing of Baird and also probed Royals President Dan Glass about meddling in baseball decisions.

What should have been a positive event for the Royals became a tense, uncomfortable way to begin the Dayton Moore era.

The next day, the Royals informed Moss and Fescoe that their credentials had been revoked. While the Royals gave no explanation, it is apparent that it is because of the press conference.

There are many different opinions on this topic. If you listen to the morning show on 610, you would think the Royals have committed the ultimate sin. Meanwhile, the afternoon host on 810 completely agrees with the decision and defends the Royals.

The national press is now getting involved. Steven A. Smith (“Screamin’ A. Smith”) has called out the Royals, as well as ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Steven A. Smith was not in the room during the press conference. Neither was Mike or Mike. These “experts” are on the national stage taking advantage of the opportunity to trash the Royals organization. We all know they Royals are losing. But to expound so much vitriol seems a bit over the top.

I watched the press conference. The questions were fair, so I defend Moss and Fescoe for that. However, when Mr. Glass began defending himself, the tone of the questions became very mean and almost hateful. Yes, Mr. Glass should have deferred the questions until after the press conference to allow Moore to get his moment in the sun. But, MLB clubs have complete autonomy over who gets credentials (Baseball Writers of America excluded), and I believe they were justified in revoking the credentials of Moss and Fescoe.

Fescoe himself has often criticized the Royals for not benching Angel Berroa after a poor game to teach him and others a lesson. Perhaps the Royals are benching Moss and Fescoe to teach them, and others a lesson of their own.

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