Friday, May 05, 2006

Royals Broadcasters...

I love the Royals radio broadcasters. Denny Matthews of course has been the voice of the Royals since their inception. And for the last seven seasons, Ryan Lefebvre has been slowly gaining the approval of Royals fans including myself. I am very fond of the chemistry between Matthews and Lefebvre, and their dry humor always seems to make the awful baseball bearable.

It's a different story on the television side, however. Paul Splittorf is tolerable, but I'm not fond of his delievery. He is knowledgeable having been one of the best Royals pitchers which makes him great as a color man, but his play by play is annoying. Bob Davis, though, is awful. I know he's considered a broadcasting legend in the Kansas City area, and his KU Jayhawk basketball work is well regarded. But I just can't listen to him. It sounds like he's screaming all the time, everything happens "out there," and he stumbles and bumbles way too much.

Which makes me especially irritated season. Not only are the Royals the laughingstock of all of baseball, but the Royals have decided to mix up the broadcasting crew. So now Bob Davis is occassionally working radio with Denny Matthews, and Ryan Lefebvre is working with Split on television.

At least when they are working their normal jobs, I can turn off the television and listen to the radio to hear Matthews and Lefebvre instead of Davis and Split. But since they've started splitting their time, there is no escape.

Please, Royals... Don't make this miserable season worse. Keep the good broadcasters together. And if you decide to fire Allard Baird, go ahead and clean out the television booth while you're at it.

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CM said...


Just the other day I was explaining to my wife about Bob Davis' ineptitude. Just moments later he referred to the Nationals as the Senators. An honest mistake. . .but pure Davis. It was enough to persuade my wife that he was bumbling. . .perfect timing Bob, as unusual.