Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Which is it?

The “youth movement” was in full force last night at Kauffman Stadium as the Royals kicked off a series again Johan Santana and the Twins.

I won’t rehash the whole story about how the veterans on 2004’s Royals team went down in flames, so the team decided to rebuild using their young talent.

So, the stated goal for 2005 was to grow these young players into a contender down the road. Knowing this, we can expect some losses (and we haven’t been disappointed).

Knowing all this, could somebody please explain this lineup?

J. McEwing, 3B
T. Graffaninio, 2B
M. Sweeney, DH
E. Merrero, 1B
A. Berroa, SS
E. Brown, RF
T. Long, CF
A. Castillo, C
M. Diaz, LF
J. Lima, P

Hmmm… by my count, only three of these players are under 30 and two of those (Terrance Long and Angel Berroa) would not be considered “youth,” since they both have been in the league at least two years.

So, since the lineup wasn’t a “young” lineup, Pena must have been playing for the win instead. But, what confuses me is why would he put a .122 batter in the cleanup spot?

Either win or grow youth, but this team seems to be stuck somewhere in between.

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