Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hot Stove Heating Up

Today, the Tigers signed Troy Percival to a 2 year contract. This, after the Tigers had already picked up the option on Ugueth Urbina. So the Tigers now have two closers.

I'd love to see the Royals go after Urbina. I felt they should have tried to sign him last year. The Royals seem determined to make Affeldt the closer, but I still think he could be an effective starter, or even set up man. (Just let him strike batters out!).

In my dream world, Mike MacDougal returns to his early 2003 form where he made hitters like Bonds, Pujols, and Frank Thomas look silly. MacDougal is the prototypical closer in my mind. He's lanky and goofy, he throws upwards of 100 MPH, and his hat falls off when he pitches. A perfect character for the closing job.

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