Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Royals Report

Great Royals update by Dan Fox.

I agree with Dan on Dee Brown. Earlier, I was all for letting Brown play to show us what he can do. Now, it's obvious that Brown and the Royals need to part ways.

Rob & Rany point out that the manager should be held accountable for this mess. In KC, it's in very poor taste to slam the beloved Tony Pena. After all, this is the manager who brought the Royals back to respectability last year, and whose smiling face is on every billboard, ticket, and program associated with the Royals.

I'm not sure what happened at the beginning of last year, but the Royals got off to a great start and rode that wave through the end of the season. But, since that hot start, the Royals are playing below .500. Did Pena just have a lucky 3 weeks?

Pena will keep his job throughout the end of this season, but any GM with sense would surely evaluate the manager closely this off season. Given Allard Baird's continued loyalty to the awful Tony Muser, I'm sure Pena will be the manager in 2005, but I'm not sure he deserves to be.

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