Monday, March 01, 2004

Royals Lineup
The Royals lineup is beginning to take shape. Yesterday, Tony Pena announced that Angel Berroa will begin the season batting leadoff. I think this is a good move. Berroa was the leadoff man late last season, and hit .333 and had a .371 OBP hitting first. Berroa's not a real patient hitter, but he may not have to be. In an interview, Carlos Beltran announced that Pena had told him he would bat second. That means Berroa should see some pretty good pitches as pitchers try to get him to make contact to get an out instead of potentially walking him with Beltran coming up. Following Beltran, we should see Sweeney and Juan Gonzalez. That's a pretty good bunch of hitters at the top of the lineup. Here's how the lineup looks:

Berroa - SS
Beltran - CF
Sweeney - 1B
Gonzalez - RF
Randa - 3B
Stairs/Harvey - DH
Santiago - C
Guiel - LF
Relaford - 2B

It also looks like Brian Anderson will begin the season as the number 1 starter, pitching against the White Sox for Opening Day on April 5. Spring Training reports also indicate that Affeldt's finger is doing just fine, so far. Personally, I'm hoping the blister problem is behind him and that he can give us 200 innings this year.

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